Flying Whalley!

I teach a regular group of friends and family each week and check out my beautiful friend Whalley!! Better known as Rebecca Whalley, this gorgeous girl is flying in a variation of side crow, or parsva bakasana. I had just taken her through a sequence of crescent lunges, heart openers and twists including two rounds of flying dragon – so I was so proud of her when she still had the willingness to leap up into this break dancing move! Whal has been working with me for about two months now – but she has a strong background as a gymnastics teacher herself and loves working into the strong poses and combining it with relaxation. In the corner you can also see Lex, our cross Cavalier-Schnauzer, who inspires us in downward and upward facing dog. πŸ™‚

Well done again to my beautiful Whalley and thank you for your willingness to take the leap and discover what you can do!! xxxo

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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Beautiful practice Bec. You are so strong and confident. Love it. Love Robyn

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