Joy in Noticing


Every year in October Sydney is flooded with beautiful Bogone Moths migrating from the hot Northern NSW plains to the cooler high country towards the Snowy Mountains. At this time it’s not uncommon to find two or three of these smoky coloured glitterers joining you on the balcony, in a coffee shop, at the office – or where they were first pointed out to me – in a lecture hall. I found that it wasn’t until they were pointed out that I started to notice them – and then I began to see them everywhere. Now every September spotting them as they make their arrivals fills me with joy – it reminds me that Spring is here, new beginnings are happening, warmth and long light evenings are not far to follow.

But like so many things it takes the noticing to bring appreciation. So few people I speak to are aware of the Bogone Moth phenomenon, they simply don’t see the rush of life that fills their city at this time every year. It doesn’t take much time or effort to notice the world around, or ourselves in it, it just takes a little space to allow our minds to observe. As Spring now leaps into our world and into our hearts try taking a moment to listen to the world around you, listen to yourself in it, and discover the wonders you might never have noticed before.

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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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