Teaching a class of Mums and Toddlers is about constant laughter. There are a lot of challenges – especially for the Mums – as they try to reach a place of calmness and mindfulness while their little ones are vying for their attention. But there are also a lot of opportunities for practicing open-heartedness and playfulness, the natural wisdom that our toddlers are able to teach us.

One of the most beautiful practices that constantly emerges in Mums and Toddlers yoga is something I have termed ‘Cuddle-asana’. I think we could all use much more of it. To find Cuddle-asana connect your heart to that of another person (either front or back), wrap your arms completely around them and collapse into their warmth. You can practice this lying on your back or front side, in a seated position, while standing or balancing (provided you are holding onto each other tight enough) or in downdog with one person’s feet or knees at the other’s hands. Cuddle-asana is great for opening the chest area and into the heart chakra. It brings lightness and healing instantly. There are no contraindications.

Stay tuned for more on Mums and Toddlers yoga and photos of some of my amazing students breathing, playing and relaxing in their poses.

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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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