Is that the Universe talking?

Have you ever wondered whether the Universe, God, the Creator (pick your appropriate name for him/her) has a way of communicating with you? Often when we create sets of goals for ourselves it can feel as if we are asking or telling the Universe what we would like to manifest in our lives. Equally, when we are forced to stop, through illness or injury for example, we can interpret this as the Universe’s way of telling us it’s time to slow down, stop pushing so hard, and let ourselves rest.

Yet is it really the Universe we are in dialogue with? Or do we just imagine a greater Universe as representative of some other layer of ourselves, so we may continue having a conversation that helps us evolve? Could that be the same thing? Does it even matter?

Whether or not you truly believe in a great Creator being who is beyond all of us, it is hard to deny that there are some things in life which are powerfully beautiful, deeply moving and divine in the inspirational and sensual (rather than spiritual) senses of the word. Pick one that you know of and hold it in your mind now. It could be a new morning, full moon, laugh of a loved one or flavour of something decadent. Whatever can instantly, instinctively, fill your cup of joy to overflowing. Acknowledging the presence of these things acknowledges that there is deep inner beauty in our world. Call it divinely spiritual or not, the effect they have on us injects their inherent inner beauty into ourselves. Or put another way, they illuminate the joy that is always there within us waiting to shine.

So is the Universe talking to you when you are pushing yourself so hard you get the flu and end up in bed for days? Perhaps. Perhaps you also just choose to interpret the flu as a message from your body that running all over the place will cause your immunity to be low. Maybe its the same thing. The important thing is to recognise that either way, that beautiful, inspirational essence of the world (which can be interpreted as the evidence of a Creator) exists in you. And flu or not it continues on, waiting for you to recognise it and give it more space in your consciousness.

Image:Β Hordur Vilhjalmsson

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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Wonderful thoughts my dear and so true.

  2. That was the perfect start to my sat morning x

  3. So glad beautiful lady!! xoxo

  4. Glad you liked it my love πŸ™‚ happy birthday today!! xo

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