Portia and the Crab

One day Portia was staring into a big fish tank and there were two big eyes staring back at her! The eyes belonged to a large yellow crab and he had long hairy legs and two powerful claws. The crab didn’t look very cuddly but something about the big smile on his face made Portia like him. Portia had never seen a crab with such a wide smile.

She asked the crab:Β “Why are you so happy?”

The crab replied: “Because I have been waiting for you and now you are here we can go on our adventure!”

Portia was surprised by this. “But I’m not ready for an adventure,” she replied “I haven’t packed my things!”

“That’s no problem,” replied the crab “you don’t need anything. Everything you need is already with you. Β All you have to do is say you want to come. Do you want to come?”

Portia thought about this for a moment, and then said “Yes!”, because she really did want to go on an adventure.

“Excellent!” cried the crab and the next moment Portia saw bubbles all around her. Bubbles of all sizes, some as big as her head, some as small as an ant, floating upwards. Portia’s hair and clothes were waving around her and everything looked slightly blue. All of a sudden she realised where she was – underwater! The crab was holding Portia’s hand gently in his claw, so as not to hurt her, and leading her towards a long bed of colourful plants on the sea floor.

Portia asked the crab, “How am I breathing?”

The crab responded “I put a never-ending bubble in your mouth. Every time you breath out the never-ending bubble puts more air in your body.”

“That’s very clever” said Portia.

“I am very clever” replied the crab.

The crab led Portia all the way down to the sea floor where many different plants were dancing in the water as it moved around them.

“I’ve brought you to meet the animals and plants on the sea floor” said the crab, “down here we call this coral, and its just as much alive as you are.”

“But how can it be alive,” asked Portia “it’s not feeling and thinking?”

“Isn’t it? responded the crab.

As they listened Portia started to hear a soft, low mumble coming from a giant mound of white tentacles just beneath her.

The tentacles were saying “mmmm, mmmm, yummm, yummm” as a little orange and white fish swam through each of them, dropping bite size pieces of food to each of the tentacles one by one. As the fish swam, the tentacles gave the fish a hug and a gentle pat of thanks for sharing his food. When the fish had given each of the tentacles a piece of food he snuggled down in the middle of the tentacles for a nap.

“The tentacles are called an anemone and the fish we call a clown” said the crab. “Do you see how the anemone gets his dinner and the clown fish gets a safe place to sleep?” the crab asked Portia. “That way everyone is helping one another and together life is better.”

Portia nodded. Watching the napping fish was making her sleepy herself, and the crab could see this, so he started to help her drift back up to the surface. As they floated the bubbles got bigger and bigger and warmer and warmer until there was nothing but bubbles. Portia just closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again she was tucked up safely in her nice warm bed at home. She could hear her mummy and daddy in the next room and she fell fast asleep dreaming of the crab and his friends.

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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. A lovely story and so like Portia.Love Mum

  2. πŸ™‚ XOXO

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