Mazzie, Violet and the Green Parrot

One day Mazzie and Violet were standing on their balcony when they saw a great big green parrot flying way up above their heads. His wings were enormous, wider than their balcony, and as he flew closer they saw that he had a bright red curly beak and pink feathers around his neck. He was a very handsome parrot and Mazzie and Violet were very impressed to see how beautifully trimmed and neat all his feathers were. He landed on the railing of their balcony and turned both his large dark eyes to look directly at them.

“Good morning” said the green parrot.

“Good morning!” chimed both Mazzie and Violet at the same time.

“Would you like to come flying with me this morning?” asked the green parrot.

“Yes please!” said Mazzie excitedly. Violet didn’t say anything though, she was a little scared of flying but didn’t want to say so. Mazzie looked at Violet and could tell that she wasn’t sure about the idea.

Mazzie took Violet’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll hold onto your hand tight, and with me beside you, it won’t be scary anymore.” Violet liked this idea so she nodded and the two little girls started to climb onto the green parrot’s back. His feathers were very soft, it was like climbing on a mountain of very fine green hair.

Mazzie and Violet each found themselves comfortable positions and the green parrot asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, we’re ready” the girls replied. On hearing that, the green parrot opened his wings wide and with a great swoosh they launched off the balcony and into the open air. It was an incredible feeling. At first all the girls could feel was the swoosh of what it was like to fly, almost like a tickle at the bottom of their bellies. As they got used to this they started to also feel the wind rushing across their faces and the cool of the clouds leaving tiny dew droplets on their eyelashes and lips. They looked down and could see all the buildings they usually knew from the ground, but now they could see the roofs! There was their house, their school, their mummy’s work, the shops.

“Where are we going?” asked Mazzie.

“I thought you might like to meet my friend” said the green parrot.

“That sounds nice” said Mazzie.

“She just lives in the house over there” said the green parrot, as he started to gently dive to the right, coming in towards a big white house with an open veranda. The green parrot landed on a table on the veranda next to an old lady who was swinging gently in a rocking chair. The old lady had white curly hair that was so bouncy it was like springs leaping off her head. She was wearing a yellow dressing gown with orange polka dots all over it and knitting faster than Mazzie and Violet had ever seen anyone knit. She looked up over her large purple glasses as she saw the green parrot landing.

“Why hello hello! Who have we here?” the old lady said. “It’s my green parrot friend and he’s brought some visitors!”

“Yes indeed,” replied the green parrot, “This is Mazzie and Violet. They are joining me on my morning flight and we thought we would pop in to check on you.”

“Well I must thank you all for doing that, it does get lonely here knitting away all by myself sometimes, and I do enjoy company. Would you like some tea? I’ve just made a pot.”

Mazzie and Violet nodded and were very surprised when the old lady started to draw out of the mound of knitting in her lap a perfectly moulded teapot – completely made out of wool! She had knitted a teapot! She also drew four perfectly shaped knitted teacups, in pink for Mazzie, purple for Violet, blue for the green parrot and yellow for herself. She placed them all on the table and poured steaming hot tea from the teapot straight into theΒ woolenΒ cups and added milk from a very dainty orange knitted milk jug. Not a drop was spilt! The children had only had a sip of tea when they suddenly heard their mummy calling from nearby.

Violet looked at the green parrot, “Our mummy is asking for us” she said.

“Well I had better take you home then” the green parrot replied.

“It’s been lovely having you though,” said the old lady, “please visit again soon.”

“We will!” promised Mazzie and Violet as they climbed onto the green parrot’s back, and they really meant it, because they could see the old lady had kind eyes and were very curious to know more about what she could knit.

As they were flying home Mazzie asked, “Can she always make teapots out of her wool like that?”

The green parrot replied, “No actually, she can only make her wool do magic tricks when she’s sharing it with someone else. It’s one of the reasons she loves company so much.”

Mazzie and Violet thought they were very special to be able to help the old lady do such marvellous things with her wool.

The green parrot was so quick flying that in only a few more breaths he had delivered Mazzie and Violet back into their mummy’s arms. They waved to him as they watched him fly back up into the sunny sky to continue his day.

Image: tungphoto.

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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Beautiful imaginative story. I felt just like I was flying and I love the knitting that makes teapots. Love Mum

  2. where do u think i might’ve gotten the imagery of teapots from? πŸ™‚ xoxo

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