Flying Dragon Asana Sequence

I thought it might be time to give some details of the beautiful sequence that inspired the name of Flying Dragon Yogis: the Flying Dragon Yin Sequence. This series not only feels amazing it engages the imagination at the same time as the body and activates through the heart and lung meridians so that in no time at all you can feel the heart rate rise and the body warm. This is just one variation of the sequence.

[P.S. I hope you’re entertained by my stick figures!!]

1. Start in tadasana, hands in prayer.

2. Inhale to raise both hands to sky, flying your dragon wings. Raise your right thigh to parallel with the floor.

3. Shoot your right leg to the back of the mat and exhale into a low lunge, both hands on the inside of the left foot, with chaturunga arms, in gecko.

4. Inhale to straighten your right arm (maintaining aΒ micro-bendΒ at the elbow) and open your left arm high and lift your heart.

5. Place both hands on the mat and inhale your left leg high to sky, wagging the dragon’s tail straight out behind you.



6. Exhale your left foot to the front of the mat and inhale to rise up into crescent lunge (full or modified with the knee on the ground).

7. On your next inhale open your heart into a gentle back bend, allowing your dragon wings to open out to your sides and your armpits to curl towards the sun.


8. Exhale and dive both hands back to your mat, inhale as you pick your left foot up from the front of your mat and take it high, allowing you to find your dragon tail again.

9. Exhale to thread your left leg through and under, coming into a variation of side plank with your feet far apart. Your weight is on the outside of your left foot and inside of your right foot. Press into your left palm, maintaining a slight bend in your left elbow, and then raise your right arm and gaze to sky. [This can also be modified with the left knee on the ground.]

10. Inhale to shoot your left leg high once more to express your final dragon tail for this round.
11. Exhale as you raise your upper body slowly and keep your left leg strong to find dakasana (aeroplane). Here your dragon takes off and soars through the clouds.
12. Land back in tadasana, hands at prayer position. Repeat on the other side (starting by raising the left thigh parallel to floor as in point 2.). This completes one round.

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