Lili, Ruby and the Summertime Fairy

One night during the summer holidays Lili and Ruby were outside their house gazing up at the starry sky. The stars sparkled brilliantly like glitter dancing across the dark night. Nestled among them all Lili and Ruby spotted the moon glowing with a silvery pearl colour. The moon was in the shape of a thin crescent, like a round cookie with a big bite taken from the middle. As Lili and Ruby looked closer they could see there was someone sitting inside the crescent moon – someone almost the same colour as the moon and glittering like the stars. She was very pretty with long dark hair and deep green eyes. She had paper thin wings which fluttered out behind her and tiny blue butterflies circled her head. She was staring out to the stars and gently humming to herself.

Lili and Ruby looked at one another. They had never seen this beautiful creature when they had looked at the moon before. It was quite a surprise to them both.

Ruby whispered to Lili, ‘Should we talk to her?’

Lili whispered back ‘Yes. You do it.’

Ruby sucked on her bottom lip and took a deep breath as she summoned her courage.

Then she said in a loud voice: ‘Hello Miss! My name is Ruby and this is Lili. What are you doing up there in the moon?’

The Fairy was still humming as she turned her head very slowly to look down at the two little girls. Smiling at them, she took a long time to close and open her eyelashes.

Finally she said, ‘Why hello Lili and Ruby. It is so nice to finally meet you. I have been watching over you for a long time. I am very proud of how strong and kind you have become.’

‘How come we haven’t met you before?’ asked Ruby.

‘I am here all the time, but you can only see me on this one night in summer. Yet even when you cannot see me, you can always talk to me. I am here to help you find the things you would like.’

Lili and Ruby were both very excited by this idea. They had long lists of toys they both wanted and started to shout out to the Fairy: ‘I want this’ and ‘Can you get me that?’.

The Fairy gracefully shook her slender neck.

She said ‘No my dears, you don’t understand, I will show you how you can find the things you would like for yourself. They must be important things, things you will really treasure, not simply toys and books. They are the kinds of things you can’t hold in your hand.’

Ruby furrowed her brow. Then she asked ‘do you mean like that Lili and I will be healthy?’

‘Exactly! Now if you asked me to help keep you healthy I could encourage you to brush your teeth, wash your hands, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and play in the park. That would help you avoid getting sick.’

‘I hate getting sick’ said Lili.

‘Me too’ said Ruby.

‘Me three’ said the Fairy, ‘so what would you like me to help you with?’

Lili and Ruby pondered for a moment.

Then Lili said ‘I would like us to always be safe and happy.’

‘Wonderful Lili. Now I will help you to remember to look both ways when crossing the road, always make sure you are near an adult so you don’t get lost and are careful when you’re playing to stop and think whether it might be dangerous and if you could hurt yourself. Now Ruby?’

Ruby said ‘I would like to spend more time on stories!’

‘Oh Ruby I agree!’ replied the Fairy, ‘I will help you to practice your reading so you can read more stories to yourself and I will help you to create your own stories so you can tell them to other people and give them the joy of story-time just as much as they give it to you!’

Both girls smiled at the Fairy. She beamed at them.

‘You can ask your friends what they would like too, and if they tell me, I will help them. I will always be here to help, whether you can see me or not, just look to the moon and I will hear you. Now I am afraid it is getting very late my dears’ the Fairy said, ‘it is time you were in bed. But don’t forget my presents to you.’

‘Thank you!’ chorused both Lili and Ruby.

The Fairy sung out to the girls, ”Have very happy holidays my lovely ones and I will see you very soon!’ and with that she faded back into the moon, adding to its pearly silver shimmer so that it seemed to shine more deeply.

Lili and Ruby took each other’s hands and went inside to tuck themselves into bed.


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  1. A sweet children’s story – teaching them about what’s really important is always a good subject 🙂

  2. What another lovely story. You really capture the essence of the season and it so magical. Love it.

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