How Cake is Yogic


Or to be more precise: how making cakes can be yogic.

It wasn’t until I found myself using my Christmas gift vouchers to order the Ace of Cakes book that I realised just how much of a fan I had become of this zany little show about bakers in Baltimore.

To preface this let me first explain that I am not a reality television person. In fact I actively avoid it. But Ace of Cakes is not reality television. It is art, community and laughter. Three things the world can always do with more of.

The show Ace of Cakes is based on the folks at Charm City Cakes, of Baltimore, USA – a far cry from Sydneytown, Australia. So what exactly about the antics of American pastry chefs has drawn me to watch every episode of ten seasons at least once and now avidly lap up their more than 300 page scrapbook?

The answer has (almost) nothing to do with cake. This group of people could be professional paint-drying-watchers for all it matters. The point is that each and every one of them is in it for the joy they get out of creating something new, sharing it with the people around them, and having a lot of fun along the way. Of course it probably helps a lot that what they get to do is play with sugar all day long – that and create the magic of television. But the influx of numerous cake decorating shows since Ace of Cakes (each one great in its own way but still not quite as fun as Ace of Cakeshave proven that it’s not the sugar that makes audiences happiest, rather that the spirit of the place speaks to people. That this workplace is able to give back to the community, go above and beyond clients expectations and employ a big group of friends while they laugh all day gives us all hope. Hope that we can either create or find ourselves in a business like that one day.

I can hear you now, asking ‘So how exactly does that make cake yogic? I want to be able to EAT cake as yoga!’ Absolutely – you can totally have your cake in the shape of a lotus flower with a figurine of yourself in headstand emerging from the centre – and eat it too. Just make sure that you do it by finding the art (the ability to create beauty by pushing the limits of chemistry and physics), community (share the process of making, giving and eating) and laughter (don’t take any of the other steps or yourself too seriously).  If you have checked off all of these steps then take a massive bite of your sugary creation, savour the flavour on your tongue and grin goofily at the buttercream moustache you’ve just given yourself. And vow that the next time you do it you’ll bake fireworks into the cake, or as Duff would say: ‘Make it bigger, make it badder, make it awesome.’

PS Thank you to everyone who works at Charm City Cakes and on Ace of Cakes for the many happy hours of entertainment and inspiration. Also be warned that when my husband and I finally travel to the States we are ordering a cake. We were inspired by you to have the following wedding cake and we’ll be hoping to top it – no pressure 🙂 xo


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I am writing my PhD on children's yoga and it's place within mainstream education. I am also a yoga teacher in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. I like the show, too. They seem like they are totally themselves and have so much fun at work. Who doesn’t want that from their job? I live in Baltimore and occasionally see the cast around town. Duff seems as nice in person as he does on the show. I’m a writer and I always tell myself that when I publish my first book, I’ll get him to design the cake for my book launch party!

  2. That’s awesome to hear Abby – that the cast are just as wonderful in person as on screen. So heartening to know that reality is actually like fantasy!! That sounds fabulous getting CCC to do ur book launch cake too! I will also one day write young adult novels when I have the courage – so I know how much spirit it takes to try to get this first one done. All the best for it!! Xox

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