Fertility Yoga Sequence

ID-100281585When we practice yoga for fertility, we are cultivating both the physical space and strength in our bodies to begin new life, as well as the energetic and spiritual space to create a family, new relationships and home for ourselves and our loved ones. Think of it as furnishing your own body and mind, just as you would furnish a house, to turn it from an safe but empty space, into a warm and comfortable haven. Inside this haven you are free to create in so many senses: create a new project, create a new baby, create a deeper empathy with yourself and others. Try the following simple sequence at home, holding each pose for at least 15 breaths. The sequence is for both menΒ and women, and will benefit both.Β It will calm the nervous system and allow you to drop further into you rest and digest, or parasympathetic nervous state, moving away from fight or flight, or sympathetic nervous system. For this reason it is best done when stressed, or before bed. Once your body has done these poses, it will further understand that it is safe to relax, to rest, and from that place be free and open to create your dreams. If you would like to join me for a fertility class, please get in contact at info@flyingdragonyogis.com.au. Happy practice!

Viparita korani (Legs up the wall, or without the wall, hips supported by pillows/blankets/bolster/block. If without the wall, make sure your legs can balance above the hips easily, so there is very little muscle tension holding you here).

Hip crease opening (With the pillows/blankets/bolster/block under your tailbone, let your shoulders and feet drape to the earth, so that the front of your hips has a chance to open. Focus on making your body as long as possible).

Bridge (With or without pillows/blankets/bolster/block under the soles of your feet lift the hips up to the sky. Squeeze heels towards shoulderblades and shoulderblades towards heels).

Suptabadakonasana (With or without pillows/blankets/bolster/block under the outside edges of your feet, place the soles of your feet together and let your legs fall open in a diamond shape. Breath into your belly).

Squeeze both knees into chest (Roll around drawing circles on the floor with your low back. Massage into the vertebrae of your spine and allow the nerves that run up and down your back to release.)

Happy Baby (Draw both knees out wide and pull them down to either side of your torso. Take your hands around your calves or feet, or use a blanket/towel/strap to wrap around your feet to hold onto. Draw your tailbone and your knees down to the earth. Relax your shoulders).

Savasana (Relax your legs and arms down to the earth to lie still on your back for full relaxation. This is the most important part of your practice – be patient and trust it to work its magic on you. If you don’t find yourself relaxing into it at first, simply ask yourself to keep moving towards peacefulness, away from your distracting thoughts, and slowly, over time, you will find that it gets easier and more joyful to feel completely still, in body and mind).

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