Fertility Yoga


Fertility yoga is a tool for women, men and couples to heal mind and body. Whether you are just beginning this journey or have been on it for a while, yoga can help you prepare for pregnancy and parenthood.

Through, yoga, meditation and self-nurturing you will discover ways to relieve stress, let go of negative thinking and nourish your reproductive well-being. There is evidence that stress reduction is actually beneficial to your fertility and yoga has been proven to promote relaxation and improve your physical health.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or undergoing fertility treatments, yoga for fertility can support you on your journey. Because the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy is so high, we also warmly welcome women who are in their first trimester to attend fertility yoga, before moving onto pregnancy classes in their second trimester (fertility yoga passes can also be transferred to pregnancy yoga classes).

Fertility yoga can:
• Help reduce stress and anxiety and increase sleep quality, relaxation and your fertility

• Create a positive self-image and positive thinking

• Renew your sense of sexuality and unity between body and mind

• Increase intimacy with your partner

• Increase the blood and energy flow to the reproductive organs and improve the alignment of the body (especially for those who sit at a desk for many hours)

• Restore your sense of control by showing you simple ways to take charge of you reproductive health

Research supports the influence of yoga on fertility. A study of women who attended a Mind Body program involving yoga and meditation relaxation techniques whilst they were undergoing an IVF cycle demonstrated enhanced outcomes (Domar AD, 2011). Another study of 151 women undergoing IVF, found increased success for those women who were the least stressed and depressed (Cooper BC, 2007). Other studies suggest the higher the distress level at the start of fertility treatment cycle, the lower the outcomes (Klonoff-Cohen, 2011).

I am a registered Yoga Australia teacher, recognised with most major private health funds – ask if you would like details on how to claim with your health fund.

If you want to be a parent, you will be parent, and fertility yoga will support you as you discover how your baby is coming to you.

I am a qualified Fertility Yoga teacher, with Family Passages. I teach Fertility Yoga at Genea Holistic, Kent St Clinic and Yoganic. I also teach private classes for fertility. If you are interested, please complete the contact form below:

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