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Learning Partner Acro

I was super lucky to get this one-on-one time with the amazing Rick Everett! Here he is effortlessly guiding me through what was my first try at most of these tricks 🙂 🙂

Beautiful healthy bodies

This beautiful woman demonstrates exactly why we do what we do! Because health and fitness is about body joy, not body shame!

“The Scientific Power of Meditation”

Brilliantly put… Don’t think meditation will cure cancer, but use it to boost your brain fitness in the same way you work out your body to boost your physical fitness.

The Scientific Power of Meditation:

Give the gift of bendiness!

Just created my first gift voucher as a request for a client 🙂

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that bendy person in your life – look no further! The gift could be for yoga, contortion, relaxation techniques, kids or family classes – whatever takes your fancy!

Email for more information.

flying dragons gift voucher

Evening Play

Now just to do it without the wall! Please also ignore the messy living room in the background 🙂

Morning Practice

An oldie but a goodie 🙂 playing in the morning sun.


New Family Yoga at Pure Spin

Looking forward to teaching family yoga at PureSpin, the new place to be in Crows Nest! Come along on Sunday for family fun!


Morning Play

Pippin and I headed to Pirrama Park this morning for a play 🙂

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Kids’ Holiday Yoga Workshops

Join me in January for Kids Holiday Yoga Workshops at FluidForm Pilates and Yoga! Last holidays we had so much fun in our workshops we decided to do them again. I can’t wait!

Tues 15th Jan Sthira (strength) class 930-1130am
Today your little yogi will learn the warrior poses and take an adventure as various superheroes, using our bodies to imagine flying through the air, going upside down, having powerful breath and being super strong. We will learn about how real superheroes are not only mighty, but also compassionate, loving and gentle. After morning tea we will create a poster of our own superhero to remind us of all the ways we would like to be powerful and loving.

Tues 22nd Jan Sukha (gentleness) class 930-1130am
Today your little yogi will learn partner poses, and find ways that we can do yogaby giving to our partners, as well as receiving. We will imagine visiting a baby animal zoo and learn how to be kind, caring baby ducks, frogs, puppies, turtles and many other animals. After morning tea we will continue learning about how to be considerate and compassionate of one another and ourselves by creating an artwork of what compassion means to us, using words, pictures and an assortment of craft materials.
To book your little yogi a place, email or call 02 8399 3887! Limited spaces available, so be quick.

Yoga Australia Conference 2013

I am VERY excited to be presenting a workshop at the upcoming Yoga Australia Conference in April 2013 in Brisbane. All are welcome and registrations are still open so if you are keen to come to the Conference please do!

Details of my workshop are:

1.30 – 3.30pm SATURDAY, APRIL 27th

This workshop will explore the current field of children’s yoga and suggest the need for further development in understanding what a child’s experience in the classroom is, how the practice affects them, and why. Karen will suggest the application of several theories of the body which have proven productive in her research, and open up the discussion to feedback and ideas. Participants in this workshop should have an interest in children practicing yoga, but are not required to have any prior experience of it.

The presentation will be broken down into two one-hour sections. In the first hour Karen will introduce her research, including her reading of current literature in the field of children’s yoga and suggesting that further theorisation of the practice is required. She will discuss the importance and relevance for children, teachers and parents in understanding not only what works in a children’s yoga classroom, but also how and why. In this hour Karen will introduce participants to postmodern theories of the body, and address how they may usefully be applied to children’s yoga. She will also discuss how Sanskrit texts may provide insight into how children practice yoga and the effect it has on them. If there is time during this discussion, she will focus on one of the themes of her research, narrative, and show how she uses this theme to interpret the ways children think of themselves and others in the classroom. In the second hour of this presentation Karen will engage participants in a child-like practice, breaking down each component of the class with a discussion of how that element might affect children. During this time Karen encourages participants to collaborate with her, imagining and discovering what the experience of the child is during yoga.

The primary objective of this workshop is for adult participants to have a deeper understanding of what it is like to be a child practicing yoga. Participant outcomes include engagement with theories of the body and consideration of how they may be applied to children’s practice. Participants will be asked to imagine and feel the experience that children have in class, and to reflect upon the affects this may have on them.

Karen is a children’s, dynamic and vinyasa yoga teacher at Life and Balance, Fluid Form Pilates, BodyMindLife and Yoganic, Sydney. In 2011 Karen began her PhD at the University of Sydney researching how children practice yoga, drawing on both yogic philosophy and postmodern theories of the body.


Further details of the conference can be found here:

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