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Learning Partner Acro

I was super lucky to get this one-on-one time with the amazing Rick Everett! Here he is effortlessly guiding me through what was my first try at most of these tricks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Morning Practice

An oldie but a goodie πŸ™‚ playing in the morning sun.


New Family Yoga at Pure Spin

Looking forward to teaching family yoga at PureSpin, the new place to be in Crows Nest! Come along on Sunday for family fun!


Monkeying About in Perth

We recently spent four wonderful days in Perth and Margaret River eating, drinking, going to the beach and generally finding ways to monkey about. The highlight of the trip was going to the amazing Gourmet Escape food festival and meeting Heston Blumenthal!! I don’t think you could describe us as foodies, but anytime you can combine fantasy with something we are MASSIVE fans! I told Heston this and he responded that he’s just a big kid – which, as I’m sure you can imagine, I can relate to! Here’s to making life fantasmagorical πŸ™‚

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New Classes at Bourke St Public!

I am very excited to announce that the wonderful people at Bourke St Public have given us space at the school to do yoga every Tuesday!

All kids are welcome to attend, whether they are enrolled at Bourke St or not.

If your child is enrolled at Bourke St I can collect them from school at 3pm and get them ready for class by 3.30pm. Class finishes at 4.30pm. Classes are held in the school library.

Hope to see you there! πŸ™‚

FDY Kids Yoga Flyer

Kids Holiday Workshops

Yesterday this lucky duck got to teach seven amazing budding yogis for two hours! It was a total blast – the theme of yesterday’s class was Chandra – Moon, so after starting with our Oms we launched our rockets into space for an inter-galactic adventure! This was the first time I have ever tried Moon Salutes with kids and they loved it! We did them singing ‘Mrs Moon Moon’ (to the tune of Mr Sun Sun, but the kids insisted that since the sun was a boy the moon must be a girl). I love that these kids have started trying to do their salutations with their eyes closed, trying to remember what comes next and focus more on how it feels. It’s really cute seeing them sneak peaks when they forget what’s next and ever cuter when they just don’t worry and are in the middle of the group doing their own thing but with eyes closed and not a care in the world!

I often think more adults need kids’ yoga, so that utkasana (powerful pose) can be a rocket launching off, dekasana (aeroplane) can be done connecting hands in a circle and falling over is absolutely hilarious. Nirvasana (boat pose) is a lot less difficult when it’s actually a space station which opens its doors (legs) to receive a spaceship and then begins to orbit in rock’n’rolls and somersaults. And what do aliens look like in a kids yoga-space class? Well, they’re often upside-down, in shoulderstands, handstands and standing splits, which curl up into tiny little balasana (child’s pose**) alien eggs to rest afterward.

I find it interesting that as adults we always think of kids being so full of energy we can’t keep up with them, but I find that often it’s the rest and relaxation that the kids ask for most. Halfway through the class they start asking me if we are going to do our relaxation (savasana) which often lasts up to ten minutes. Of course we take little breaks during the class too, like lying down in suptabadakonasana (bound angle pose) and using our hands on our bellies to feel our breath going as deep as it can. However, I often hear from my child students (very similarly to my adult students) that the full savasana relaxation is the best bit of the whole class. I always take them on a journey, for instance yesterday when we went to space our relaxation was floating through a rainbow of stars, feeling how each new star and colour affected our bodies in different ways (inspired by the chakras). Afterwards the kids will sometimes tell me that their mind wandered away from the journey, but that they soon came back – sound familar adult yogis?

For me the best part of class comes straight after relaxation, when everyone sits up still silent and with their eyes closed go straight into Omming. It’s amazing to hear. As they open their eyes they look around the room and say to one another ‘I love you and I love myself. Namaste.’ And I know I have the best job in the world.

Kids Yoga Holiday Workshops will be returning to Fluid Form Pilates, Dank St, in January. I can’t wait!

**Whenever I have told a child in balasana that the name of their pose is ‘child’s pose’ they look at me quizzically, wondering why that movement represents them. I can only think it must have something to do with theΒ fetalΒ position.

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