Why Flying Dragons?

Why is it called Flying Dragon Yogis? 

For all of you curious types out there who are wondering why the name Flying Dragons, it might be interesting to know why we decided on this name.

It is actually twofold. First, in Chinese symbolism, the dragon is the yang, energetic, active, driving force of life. While this is a very good thing, in our 21st Century world we often forget the yin – receptive, spacious, allowing and opening forces – those represented by the pheonix in Chinese philosophy. We manage to let our own ‘dragons’ push us harder and harder, to the point that we tend to ignore our own intuition which is telling us we are tired, or more often, overwhelmed, and that what we really need is less yang and more yin space.

That yin space can come in so many forms – sitting in the park, walking on the beach, sitting quietly in meditation or simply really appreciating the flavour of the food we put in our mouths. But how often do we take time to let ourselves have this space in comparison to all the time we spend pushing ourselves?

The name ‘Flying Dragons’ calls attention to the nature of these energies in ourselves and the world around us, and encourages an awareness of letting our internal dragons rest, whilst allowing our more spacious, peaceful selves fly. In pushing ourselves less, or cultivating ‘Flying Dragons’ (rather than slaying the dragon entirely) we find we can achieve more as we don’t crash and burn out from the exhaustion of hyperactivity. We are able to find harmony throughout – as apposed to the fluctuations of intense striving and crashing lows.

The second, and more personal reason, that we chose the name Flying Dragons is that our family’s first pet was the most beautiful brown Burmese to ever walk the planet (no overstatement) – and his name was Xiaolong, Mandarin for ‘small dragon’. He was a very special little man indeed, he slept every night in the crook of our arms, ate green curry and pasta off our plates (yes we have a very open approach to our animal family) and would hunt out any lap in the house that was available for his personal use. He was not only the most affectionate cat we have ever had, but the most spirited, as he would constantly make bids for freedom out our apartment door (almost making it down the lift several times) and loved chilling out on the balcony. This little shooting star, who we miss very much, encompasses so much of what yang energy is about – being adventurous, extroverted, courageous and a little bit cheeky! And we love that keeping his name fresh in our memories keeps his spirit with us. So for a little dragon with a lot of heart, we use the name Flying Dragon Yogis.

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